Data Sources

Last Modified: June 28th, 2021

The website contains information or materials from multiple third-party information sources including, but not limited to, federal, state, and local government agencies, third-party licensors, organizations, syndicators, aggregators, and/or reporting services. AreaHub does not represent or endorse the accuracy or reliability of any information or materials provided by these sources or any information, data, or analysis derived from these sources. Reliance upon any such information or material shall also be at your own risk. Neither AreaHub nor its affiliates, partners, officers, directors, employees, subsidiaries, agents, or parents shall be liable to you or anyone else for any inaccuracy, error, omission, interruption, timeliness, completeness, deletion, defect, failure of performance, computer virus, communication line failure, alteration of, or use of any content herein, regardless of cause, or for any damages resulting therefrom. 

In addition, the data sources that we use are based on historical information and may not be predictive of future events or conditions. If you wish to seek additional information or want to correct perceived errors in connection with information presented on the website, please contact us at

To produce our reports, we strive to utilize the best available information sources and to update the information on a frequent basis. There may be times, however, when there are gaps in the reporting. There may also be occasions when data sources for a particular hazard in one region are more robust, up to date, and reliable than in other regions.

General Disclaimer#

AreaHub is designed to provide users with information to better understand local environmental hazards and risks. The information provided on this website is for informational purposes only. We encourage you to supplement the information with your own independent review and research. Information contained on the website may represent opinion or judgment, or contain inadvertent technical oversights, factual inaccuracies, or typographical errors. AreaHub does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of any information on the website. As such, AreaHub will not be responsible for any errors, inaccuracies, omissions or deficiencies in the information provided. The information is provided “as is,” with no guarantees of completeness, accuracy, or timeliness, and without warranties of any kind, express or implied. Therefore, you assume sole responsibility for all risks associated with the use of this information and further accept that AreaHub is in no way responsible for any consequences whatsoever to anyone arising from your use or interpretation of any information contained within, or linked from or to the website.